Environment is very useful to man. It grants many things to human beings. We all must protect our beautiful environment. Today man desstroys this vaiuble resource. Environment beautifies a country because there are a lot of animals,birds and various plants.

   Worlds industralization has affected the pollution of environment and also men carelessness damages the environment. Today various organization hold seminars to make the man of the importance of environment. So it is the duty of all of us to save our environment.


      It was a very lucky day to me. Because it was a first day in my school life. In that unmemorable day my mother workup early in the morning and made milk rice.

                                    I wear my new and small uniform. I went to school with my father and mother. My first school is Mo/Dharmapradeepa M.V. in Bibile town. I met lot of friends there. So I could not forget that day. My first class teacher is Mrs.Malani. She was a good and kind teacher. I like to go my childhood again!   







      My favourite subject is a good subject. I think it is a important to Sri Lankens. It is Tamil.

                         Tamil is third langvag in Sri Lanka. I like to tamil very wel. But I don’t no why I like to tamil. I studing tamil very wel. My perens are help me a lot. They bring some tamil books for me. I learning tamil in my school with tamil teacher Mrs. Nalani. My tamil teacher is Mr. Amarasiri. I like to read tamil story books, other peapars and tamil books. I can read and write the tamil. I will write the tamil subject for my O/L exam on 2010. I like to speaking with tamil. But I can’t do it yet. Because there are no any tamils in my village. But I will try my best!


My School


                                My school is Mo/Dharmapradeepa M.V. It is a mixed school. I am proud to be a student of Dharmapradeepa M.V. My school is situated in a rural village, called Bibile.


                                   My school is not a big school. But we have many facilities. So we get a good opportunity to learn to live together. Our school gives a good education and provides us with a lot of extra curricular activities. We get to learn many subjects during our school time. But through playing games we can develop our leadership, qualities, spaceunity and companionship.


                    I am sure that if we attend school daily, space do our studies well and perforn our duties and responsibilities. No full stop as this should be a single sentence  we will be blessed and rewarded.

                        I love my school very much!


My Little Brother

                                                I have one brother. He is a student of Mo/Dharmapreepa M.V. He is in grade 2.

    My little brother is the youngest of our family. Her name is Dineth Sandeepa Attanayake.

                             I thing my brother is very clever boy. This trun he is the furst in his class. Pasidu is his best friend.My brother likes to eat milk rice ,hopers and he likes to  drink milk.I think my brother’s hobby is play cricket and watcing T.V.

       My brother is very good. He help me lot and eny time.

                                                         We love our little brother very much.

A Cobler

                  When I was in grade seavan , one day I went to English class. But unfortunetly my shoes wear broken. I get so upset. No one to helpe me. But I saw there is a cobler who near in the bus stand.

                    He helped me lot. I gave Rs.20. But  I think that is not enough. A cobler is a very innocernt and poor man. No one like to give more money to him. He did not earn enough for the family. But I think a cobler doing a great service to the community.

A Rainy Day

                    Today is a rainy day. Some people say a rainy day is a dull day.  But my impression is that a rainy day a nice day.

                              When I was a small child I liked, used to play with muddy water with my younger brother. So my mother blamed me a lot. But I did not like to play with mud and wet environment. So I decided to make some paper boats. My little brother helped me.

 I don’t like to play alone should have finish the sentence off Or remove the full stop in a whole day was a cool and dark. Birds stayed inside there nests. I like to see these beautiful events. That’s why I like to rainy day.


My Future Ambition


My future ambition is to be a teacher. Because I think it is a great service. On the other hand my mother and my father both of them are working as teachers.

Now I am a student in grade nine. There are many teachers teach me. I like to learn specially from lady teachers. It also a reason for that. As a teacher I can teach big and small children. My favorite subject is English. One day I want to be an English teacher. Before be becoming a teacher. I want to educate myself well. I want to qualify in English teaching. Because as a teacher I must will have to build up a younger jeneration with good command of English.


Adam’s peak

 In Sri Lanka we can see many famous , natural and sacred places. Adam’s peak is a very famous and sacred place in Sri Lanka. Most Buddhist , Muslim and Tamil people worship this sacred mountain.

Adam’s peak is situated in Rathnapura district. Adam’s peak is 2243 meters tall. It is the fifth highest mountain of our country. Maha Weli river , Kelani river , Kalu river and Walawe rivers are start there.

                                     From January to April people can worship Adam’s peak.

My best friend

               My best friend is a girl. She is in my class. We are studing in grade nine. We are true friends. Her name is Nimali Kanchanamala.

                                   She lives in Bibile. Her father is Mr.Abewardhana. He is a Farmer. Her mother is Mrs.Wimalavathi. She is a good house wife. They live happily. Nimali is the youngest of the family. She has three elder brothers.

                                               She can learn well. I think she is the best student in the class. She can dance well. I like to watch her dance. Her hobby is reading story books. Her favourite story book is Madoldoowa.

                   One day she is wish to be a teacher. Becouse she like to teach small children. I think she can be a good teacher.

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